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Macromex has the most competitive national distribution channel for frozen and refrigerated products: fruits and vegetables, meat and ready-to-eat products, dairy products or bakery frozen products.

For Macromex, logistics is one of the most important elements that lies at the very foundation of the infrastructure and the performances which all our partners benefit from.

Considering that Macromex has become a market leader with the help of the logistics - since it insures not only an effective infrastructure, but also the entire operation system of the company - we can say that Macromex has become a market leader mainly because of its brand-new technologies, which facilitate the accomplishment of the promises made to the customers, and the concretion of the Macromex vision.

The company equally guarantees for the preservation of the partner products' quality, but it is also concerned with the development and implementation of strategies that are appropiate for every new brand on the market.

The partnerships concluded with Macromex have helped the partners reduce the operational costs significantly, by means of radically eliminating the incidence of human errors; the logistics offered by Macromex insures maximum precision and effectiveness, as well as the reduction of the handling and delivery time intervals, such activities being performed by means of a specially conceived equipment.

Thanks to the logistics, the company and, implicitly, its clients, can now benefit from a fully pre-established distribution channel - inclusively in terms of schedule and routes - with the help of some advanced and complex software instruments, developed by leaders in the IT field.

In December 2005, Macromex inaugurated one of the most important innovations on this market segment - Macromex Distribution Center.

The ware house is located near the belt road of Bucharest, making the goods flow in-out more efficient, without transiting the central area of the city for the trucks/containers in and the distribution vans and near the rail road that is a possible location for MAERSK to build a container terminal in Bucharest.

Macromex Distribution Center Bucharest facilities:
  • Frozen area 4.600 pallets capacity, 3.200 US / 1.400 EU
  • Up to 2.000 pallets in bonded condition / 2.300 pallets custom cleared
  • 8 from 13 very narrow aisles ( 2.700 pallets ) for special equipment of high speed and magnetic guided to avoid accidents.
  • 300 picking locations for 300 SKU’s, increasing up to 430 for the same are after on-line management of the picking zone starts.
  • Chilled area: 1.600 EU pallets
  • In-out gates: 12, 4 in the chilled area, 8 in front of the frozen warehouse.
  • Average delivered by day: 500 orders, 120 Mt, 35 trucks, 2800 order lines.
Third party operations
  • Primary and secondary distribution for Plus Discounter with Fresh and Frozen (meat, vegetables, ice-cream)
  • Primary and secondary distribution for chilled and frozen for gas stations food corners (Lekkerland)
  • Delhaize – frozen and chilled
  • Storage and related services for smaller accounts
  • Private label distribution for major retailers
Logistic Operational advantages
  • Three main distribution centres with two temperature sectors, covering the entire country (Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara)
  • Two big frozen storing warehouses in Oradea (for EU transports) and Constanta (for containers), where goods are preserved before being delivered to the distribution center
  • Over 20.000 palets storage capacity, increasing every year
  • Over 70 new generation trucks and vans of various sizes, most of them equipped with two-temperature refrigerating rooms.
  • 24/7 delivery service in most areas
  • Dynamic truck scheduling and route optimization, using digital maps incorporated in the ERP system
  • Real-time command processing; selecting and applying filters on data bases for monitoring payments in each location. Several important servers in Bucharest insure all primary transactions performed within the company.



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